Major League Baseball

I am a fan on baseball but only if I can see the games live. I probably wont watch and sports on TV for the fun of it. If I worked for a public relations team I would try and entice the fans by doing random drawings. Based on the ticket sells, if you bought a ticket to the game, and it was selected you have a chance of winning a free meal, or free ticket to the next home game. Another idea to entice fans would be to select members out of the audience. During a break in the game they could select four people out of the stands to see who could hit a home run. The first person out of the four that could do it wins a giveaway. These are two great options in enticing fans to come to games. If that does not work then try giving away free t-shirts. Everybody loves free t-shirts or free anything so that would be a great incentive for coming to the game. These are ideas if the team is doing well. If the team is doing bad then it may be a little harder in attracting people to come to games. I would continue to do giveaways at the games to increase crowd participation. Maybe they could do a drawing from ticket sells and contact the winner at home saying they won a autographed poster. If the autographed items do not work then the PR department needs to find new ways in targeting their audience.


3 Responses to “Major League Baseball”

  1. I like your idea of giving away free meals or a free ticket from a random drawing.

  2. I said the giveaways option too. I feel like everyone loves a chance to win something free!

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